Services & Capabilities

Here's a comprehensive list of our services & capabilities

Matrix is in the business of saving you millions of dollars by uncovering and identifying problems and opportunities within your industrial steam systems, some you didn’t even know you had!  Some that may have been around for decades!  Matrix provides multi-million dollar solutions to decades old problems, whether it be a specific piece of equipment, a steam system component, or the entire plant. To date, we have saved our customers more than $200 Million.

Review and Design

Matrix’s team of seasoned advisors, consultants and technicians can optimize your steam system from Review and Design through Post Installation Services. We will visit your plant, meet with your relevant team, walk your steam supply lines and review any and all opportunities for improving your existing steam systems. Matrix will provide reports with a list of issues, field notes, sketches and drawings for discussion. If requested, Matrix can create an updated and accurate Steam Trap Database. Based on our review and discussion, we will also create a proposed plan of action.

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Matrix’s team of seasoned advisors and technicians can evaluate, design, plan, review, size, project manage, install, oversee and inspect each and every part of optimizing your steam systems. Procurement involves the activities involved in establishing fundamental requirements, sourcing activities such as market research and vendor evaluation and negotiation of contracts. As part of procurement, Matrix will identify key problems, solutions, costs and benefits, plus create an estimate of expected savings or efficiency improvement, improvements in heat transfer, and any additional benefits that may be realized. 

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Advanced Project Management

Our seasoned technicians oversee the management of the project to ensure that the actual implementation and installation of the designs is completed according to proper specifications to maximize performance, reliability and efficiency of your steam systems. When our clients purchase our Advanced Project Management Services, we are able to guarantee the performance of our solutions.

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Post Installation Support

During or after a steam system has been optimized, Matrix will inspect the installation to make sure that the installation was successful and according to specification.  Matrix also provides post installation services to monitor and regulate the performance of your systems. We use specialized systems that will alert you and your team(s) if anything is discovered that could impact your system’s performance so that they can be identified, located and corrected quickly and cost effectively.

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