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A whitepaper is a report or guide that can help you to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Matrix will regularly publish white papers based on our years of experience dealing with specific steam issues we have encountered in a variety of industries. Please email if you would like a white paper.

Charge Time Improvements with Matrix Venturis in Dry Kilns with Steam.

The drying bell curve improves for sawmills fully converted to venturis. The extent to which sawmills can translate this drying bell curve improvement into faster charge times depends on a number of factors discussed in this paper. Reported charge time improvements have ranged from 1% to over 25%. Typical charge time improvements are between 3% and 16%.

Venturis are properly sized for efficiency based on the maximum condensate loads plus a safety margin against flooding. Over 100 sawmills in the US and Canada have been converted to venturis.

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