Plywood & Particleboard

How we serve the Plywood & Particleboard Industry

Similar to our success with sawmills, Matrix also works well with plants producing plywood and particleboard

Overview of Plywood & Particleboard

Plywood Presses

Matrix assists plywood plants by eliminating any short-circuiting that can produce sluggish performance and cold platens. We can help you optimize the press for more consistent heat transfer resulting in greater reliability in production and potentially increased speed. Once you have invested so much time and resources into producing dry veneer, you want to make sure that you don’t create waste using substandard pressing. Whatever your particular need or situation, Matrix can work with you to come up with the optimal solution.

Veneer Dryers

With dryers, Matrix can help you achieve faster drying. In carefully developed test protocols Matrix can optimally size a longitudinal or jet dryer to achieve a 5-10% improvement in productivity!

Particleboard Presses

As with plywood presses, Matrix can help you achieve similar results with your particleboard presses. There are many factors to consider, and we can help you with each and every one to achieve results you didn’t know were possible before.

Field Examples

Boise Cascade

After having great success at Boise Cascade, we also began converting parts of their plywood plants at Kettle Falls, Washington and Elgin, Oregon.

Pacific Wood Laminates - Brookings, Oregon

Pacific Wood Laminates worked with Matrix to optimize one of their veneer dryers in November, 2011. The resulting boost in performance was around 4%!