Oil & Gas

Working with the Oil & Gas Industry

Matrix offers unique expertise as seasoned advisors concerning the proper and optimal implementation of steam systems in the oil and gas industry.

Since 2006, Matrix has helped the oil and gas industry be safer, more efficient, and more productive.

Overview of Oil & Gas

One of the reasons for Matrix’s extraordinary results in the Oil & Gas sector in Canada has to do with low ambient temperatures and the reality that we are able to solve many of the freezing issues plaguing plants at this latitude. Issues of freezing have completely gone away with our customers’ steam systems after implementing Matrix steam solutions. Most notably, many of our customer installations have lasted multiple years without failure! This is unheard of in the oil and gas sector of Alberta, Canada.

There are other important applications where Matrix shines in the Oil & Gas industry. Heat exchangers, space heaters, tanks, and reactors all have been demonstrated to be viable applications, resulting in reliability, efficiency, improved safety, and faster start-ups. Key applications requiring great control of temperatures are our specialty.

The benefits of working with Matrix include energy savings, low maintenance, reliability, and safety.

Field Examples

Oil Sands - Retrofit - Peace River, Alberta

The oil sands complex in Peace River hired MEI Resources (Matrix) in the fall of 2008.

Client reported on March 26th, 2009:

Intention:  The purpose of this was to save fuel, prevent pipes from freezing due to failed steam traps, and to eliminate the need to repair and replace steam traps.

Results: There were no cases of freezing of traps on line due to failure. The traps have worked fine throughout the winter.   None have leaked or failed.

Update June 2013: The plant is currently fully optimized and continues to report outstanding reliability.

Oil Sands - New Construction - Ft McMurray, Alberta

Matrix consulted, then manufactured and delivered specialized drip legs for the initial phase of a new construction expansion project in oil sands operation in Ft McMurray, Alberta

In 2008, MEI Resources (Matrix) consulted with the third party engineering staff to review the spec, optimize the system, and properly size the steam assemblies. MEI provided 128 manufactured flanged assemblies plus spare parts to client.

Manufacturing was initiated in 2007 and the project was commissioned in 2011.

MEI inspected the installation in June of 2011: All drip leg assemblies checked good. The maintenance supervisor declared that these assemblies were nearly indestructible. “These assemblies are the best thing since sliced bread.”