Overview of the industries we serve

Companies have been implementing the Matrix system since 2001. Since then Matrix has successfully optimized plants in a variety of industries – saving hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers.


Matrix has a successful track record working with 37 full plant conversions of sawmills in the Pacific Northwest since 2003. Since then over 100 sawmills throughout the US and Canada have improved efficiency, consistency and throughput using our expertise and technologies.

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Plywood & Particleboard

Matrix has been helping the fabricated wood products industry be more reliable, more efficient, and more productive. Matrix has had great results improving veneer dryers and presses.

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Pulp & Paper

Matrix offers unique expertise as a specialist concerning the proper and optimal implementation of various steam technologies in steam distribution and condensate removal systems.

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Oil & Gas

Matrix offers the oil and gas industry safety, efficiency, and reliability. Matrix brings its unique expertise to the table when discussing both retrofits and new construction.

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Matrix offers unique consulting expertise concerning the proper and optimal implementation of steam technology in steam distribution and condensate removal systems for the chemical industry.

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Matrix adds value to the Agribusiness sector by increasing the reliability, efficiency, and productivity of your condensate removal systems.

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Matrix helps plants cogenerate power more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably. We can inexpensively improve the efficiency of the boiler and the entire steam system usually without needing to replace the boiler.

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Matrix offers value to MUSH – the sectors of buildings that utilize steam. By installing properly sized and configured condensate removal equipment, Matrix eliminates unnecessary maintenance costs and headaches normally associated with building management.

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Client testimonials

  •   "A big overall benefit is the steam system audit performed by your technicians."  
    Angus Low, Dry Kiln Supervisor, Cowlitz Division, Hampton Affiliates