A Large Player in the World Stage

Matrix can work with chemical plants to solve a host of common issues. Beyond the usual gains in efficiency and reliability, Matrix  offers expertise in eliminating imbalances in the steam system that often result in over-pressurization of the return and waterhammer.  End result: better control of process.

Overview of Chemicals

The chemical industry represents the second largest user of industrial steam in the world after the oil & gas sector. Many of the opportunities to improve steam operations here begin as always with a foundation of a healthy steam distribution and condensate return system. A natural outgrowth of this foundation shows up in more stable processes because of the increased reliability of a dry steam supply being delivered to each process.

Some processes require narrow tolerances in maintaining target temperatures. Matrix venturis are unsurpassed in this delivery. A move to Matrix venturis represents one of the most cost effective steps a chemical plant can make today and touch nearly all aspects of the business opportunity. Matrix can make this transition a more intelligent move by bringing its specialized expertise to the project.

Field Examples

Chemical Company – Alberta

A chemical company in Alberta has been systematically converting reactors, tanks, and key drip legs in their steam distribution system to venturis since September 2010.