How we serve the Building Industry

Matrix serves the Municipal, University, Schools, and Hospital (MUSH) buildings sector as a consultant with expertise specific to steam distribution and condensate return systems.

Matrix has worked with all of the steam applications present in Buildings, including large air handlers, heat exchangers, distribution drip legs, and space heaters.

Matrix primarily partners with engineering firms to assist their MUSH customers. MUSH continues to be an   increasing portion of Matrix’ industrial sales and consulting.

Overview of Buildings

Buildings provide some unique challenges and opportunities. Building maintenance budgets are typically tight, and maintenance crews are small. There is little time available to keep up with all of the demands of maintaining a modern building.

Matrix offers several solutions to meet the needs and demands of MUSH customers, including specific cost reduction features. Matrix can size and install its permanent, low-maintenance Matrix permanent condensate, insulation, and steam trap monitoring systems with a relatively quick return on investment.

Within hospitals, our systems perform a superior job of drying out the steam supply, allowing sterilizers and humidifiers to perform cleaner. Contaminants that would normally carry over from the boiler can now be trapped and eliminated through our proprietary condensate return systems.

A conversion by Matrix will typically save a building or campus 4%-10% of their annual maintenance and fuel bill.