How we serve Agri-Business

Matrix offers valuable steam optimization solutions to major food and fertilizer producers; providing more efficient, reliable and productive systems.

Overview of Agri-Business

Steam is widely used in the processing of both food and fertilizers. From potatoes to potash, Matrix has been optimizing steam systems since 2003. Matrix uncovers and solves long standing problems so that you are better able to focus scarce human resources on more important matters.

Matrix can perform a full Steam System Analysis to create solutions that result in better control of your processes, and the elimination of dangerous fluctuations and variability in your steam’s reliability. Optimization of the steam distribution and condensate return systems for the food and fertilizer industry directly translates into extending the life of your equipment and the overall steam plant infrastructure. This means generous, ongoing savings long after we have completed our work.

Field Examples

• Fertilizer Plant – California
A California customer hired Matrix for Steam System Analysis, Consulting and Installation of parts. The installation created new reliability and an increase in power generation resulting from system efficiency gains.

• Fertilizer Plant – Saskatchewan
A large fertilizer plant in Saskatchewan hired Matrix for Consulting regarding some issues with their main heat exchanger. Matrix was able to help the company simplify its system surrounding the heat exchanger, and resolved some substantial performance issues. Since working with us, the company has begun to systematically optimize key sections of their plant, beginning with their dissolving tanks. Two years later, the plant hired to perform a Steam System Analysis of the plant in order to create a plan and systematically convert all of their steam system to more efficient and effective systems over time.