Matrix: the most efficient, trouble-free Steam Condensate Removal System


Matrix has been implementing the permanent Enercon venturi system for condensate removal in a variety of industries since 2001.

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Matrix works with a prospective client through every phase from introduction through full scale implementation of venturi condensate removal system. Our technical presentation demystifies how venturis work …

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Matrix has implemented venturi technology successfully in a broad range of steam applications. Beginning in 2003 with a breakthrough with sawmills in the Pacific Northwest, Matrix …

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The successful implementation of venturi technology requires extensive knowledge of steam systems and applications, and a commitment to performance. We have developed powerful tools to help share this understanding with our industrial base. We address the common questions about how venturis work …

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What our clients say

  •   "A big overall benefit is the steam system audit performed by your technicians."  
    Angus Low, Dry Kiln Supervisor, Cowlitz Division, Hampton Affiliates
  • "Your Matrix [venturi] product has been outstanding in performance in our dry kilns. I have operated our kilns for 20 years. We replaced our bucket traps after a lot of research and phone calls from references and mills that have them in operation. They have all given positive input on the results of their workmanship."
    William Wood, Drykiln Operator, Supervisor at F H Stoltze
  • Mitch Cramer of Stimson Lumber in Gaston, Oregon reported drying time improvements for Fir and Hemlock studs of 13 to 16% to the West Coast Dry Kiln Association.  This was achieved by improving the drying bell curve, allowing the sawmill to dry at a higher Moisture Content.  The kilns had better zone to zone temperatures after conversion.  Grade recovery improved after the conversion.    
  • "We achieved uniform heat, system stability and overall gains in system performance.  Replacing all of the mechanical steam traps in the system achieves the best possible efficiency and performance.  With that as a foundation, savings compound throughout."
    Angus Low, Dry Kiln Supervisor, Cowlitz Division, Hampton Affiliates - October 2012